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chrishemsworth's Journal

Chris Hemsworth
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This is the community for the incredibly talented actor Chris Hemsworth. Feel free to post anything Chris-related: news, pictures, icons, fanart, and everything else.



-Malicious gossip will not be tolerated under any circumstances.
-Please don't do introduction posts unless you have content to share.
-No personal attacks: there's nothing wrong with disagreeing with someone else, but please respectfully disagree.
-Please keep images that are over 450 pixels wide under a cut (as well as more than one image, regardless of size).
-It's alright to ask a mod why your post was deleted, but their decisions are final, and if you argue, you will be banned.
-No Chris bashing: if you don't agree with something he's done/said/etc., that's fine, but once again, please be respectful about it.


Please feel free to:

-Post news
-Post Chris Picspams
-Post icons, videos, fanart, and fanfic
-Give suggestions for the community (via PM)
-Promote another community that's related to Chris (ex. Star Trek), but please don't join just to promote.

(I realize that there isn't much on the community profile right now and it's looking pretty boring, but it'll be updated soon.)